Power Strip Nano MBS-405

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  • Type - 3 Pin socket
  • Dimension - 10 Feet Cable Length
  • Material - Flame Retardant Material
  • Cable - Pure Copper Clip | 3 Core durable Cable
  • Security Level - Durable Individual Slave Switch
  • Rated Input - MAX2500W-MAX10A, 250V
  • Warranty - 1 Year

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Nano MBS-405 5 Port 3 Pin Power Strip White

NANO Power Strip uses world’s no 1 virgin grade granules. This granules is a thermoplastic  material which meets the property necessities at a desirable cost, standard resins (PVC, PE, etc.) and

fabricating resins (acrylic, nylon6, etc.). It is intense, hard, rigid and has great chemical resistance and highly dimensionally stable. The ABS plastics have melting temperature of about 200°C (392°F). ABS can be utilized to make light, unbending, formed items, for example, pipes, melodic instruments, golf stick heads, car body part, head equipments, and toys because of its unique properties like strength, hard and rigid, chemical resistive, Outstanding formability, high impact strength, stable Dimensions, tensile strength and stiffness, and tremendous ductility. 



NANO Power Strip Surface is made by World’s best grade thermoplastic. We always prefer world’s no 1 brand’s finest grade thermoplastic for our NANO Power Strip.

            - This thermoplastic material has excellent chemical, stress and creep resistance.

            - It offers a good balance of impact, heat, chemical and abrasion resistance.

            - It has dimensional stability, tensile strength, surface hardness, rigidity and

            - It has unique electrical characteristics.



NANO Power Strip surface body considered as a limited fire-retardant, low heat resistant and platable grade.

Material Structures
















Kg/m ̂3


Ib/ft ̂3


Max Temperature






NANO Power Strip Uses  Virgin grade quality Plastic which can be easily recyclable  and this recycling helps to reduce energy usage, It reduces the consumption of fresh raw materials, It reduces the water pollution and air pollution (from landfilling) by reducing the need for conventional waste disposal and it reduces greenhouse gases emissions. Recycling conserves the natural resources & the energy that would be required to produce plastic from scratch, Recycling old and waste products into new products reduce the amount of waste. Our used plastics become easy to recycle, Besides the invention of new plastic recycling technology helps in mitigating global warming and in reducing the pollution, The fossil fuels use that emit such harmful gases will be minimized, And by recycling non-biodegradable waste, The air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced


NANO Power Strip uses maximum pure copper for its socket clip which is a highly conductive metal for smooth electricity. This means electricity can pass through it with greater ease, making it ideal for use in electrical wires. Several companies use mixed copper or aluminum or SS or other conductive metals to create socket clip for electrical use. This may cause the risk to your product. The high conductivity properties of copper allow for a greater distance of electrical current travel. NANO Power Strip create longer, better performing electrical Socket Clip using copper instead of most other conductive metals.

Our NANO Power Strip Socket Clip isn’t just conductive; it’s also ductile. In other words, you can bend and flex it — to some degree — without it breaking or otherwise sustaining damage. It is important because a plug will in-out several time, as a result, they’ll naturally need to flexible to use. bend and snake their way around the home or building in which they are used. Another benefit of copper socket that’s often overlooked is its thermal-resistant properties.

NANO Power Strip use Ceramic stone for each socket. Properly designed ceramic-to-metal structure is able to maintain hermeticity in a variety of harsh conditions, such as high and low (cryogenic) temperature, corrosive, high pressure, and high vacuum environments. Ceramic-to-metal seals not only remain stable at extremely high and low temperatures, but they are able to withstand severe thermal shock and repeated thermal cycling. Ceramic functions as an excellent electrical insulator at very high temperatures, unlike glass, which conducts more electricity at elevated temperatures. Another advantage of ceramic structure is their high mechanical strength.

Brand Nano
Model MBS 405
Type 3 Pin socket
Dimension 10 Feet Cable Length
Material Flame Retardant Material
Cable Pure Copper Clip | 3 Core durable Cable
Number of Socket 5 Universal Standard Outlets
Security Level Durable Individual Slave Switch
Rated Input MAX2500W-MAX10A, 250V
USB Module Input No
USB Module Outputs No
Temperature Resistance Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Made in/Assemble China
Country of Origin China
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